Born in Dublin, Ireland. Studied Photography and Media at New York University and the International Center Of Photography, New York. His work is exhibited and published in the United States and Europe and is represented in a number of leading international public and private collections. He lectures on photography and new media in the School of Communications at Dublin City University and also collaborates on sculpture and media programmes at Brooklyn College (CUNY), New York.

His recent museum
, archive and art
/science projects include imaging, text, and video collaborations with: American Museum of Natural History, New York; Mütter Museum, Philadelphia; La Specola Museum, Florence, Italy; University of Florence Museum of Pathological Anatomy, Caregi Hospital, Florence, Italy; Hubrecht Laboratory, Netherlands; Tornblad Institute, Sweden; National Museum of Ireland (Natural History); Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin; Science Gallery Dublin (TCD) and the Comune di Napoli, Italy. His exhibition and publication, Dignified Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk, based on a year-long residency at the Natural History Museum in Dublin, continues to tour institutions in the United States. He is currently completing a major documentary and archive project, Favours From Beyond, on the material culture of vernacular religious cult praxes in Naples, Italy. The project is due for publication and exhibition in late 2019. The artist lives and works in Dublin and New York.

Karl Grimes - Dignified Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk. Texts by Martin Kemp, David Norris, Nigel Monaghan and Stephanie McBride. National Museum of Ireland.
ISBN 978-0-9552388-3-3

2011 ISEA 2011 Istanbul. The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art
2011 Linn
aeus University, Kalmar, Sweden & ANCO Amsterdam, Netherlands (touring)
2010 Taxum Totem. National Museum, Collins Barracks, Dublin, Ireland
2007 National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland (tour 2008-2009)
2007 Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland (touring)
2006 Mütter Museum, Philadelphia. U.S.A.
2003 Nikolai Fine Art, New York, NY
2002 5th @ Guinness Storehouse, Ireland
2000 Nikolai Fine Art, New York, NY (toured)
1999 Limelight, New York, NY. Projections
1998 Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland
1997 Maclaurin Gallery, Scotland. Fotofeis 1997
Washington Square East Gallery, New York University
1995 Rackham Gallery, University of Michigan
1994 Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY
1993 Gallery of Photography, Dublin. (toured)
1992 Birmingham Billboard Project. U.K
1991 Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland.(toured)
1990 Le Chanjour Gallery, Nice, France. (toured)

2000 - 201
9: Online Exhibitions, Political Campaigns, Animal Rights Campaigns, Stop Animal Abuse Campaigns, AIDS Memorial International Exhibitions & Campaigns.

2017 WUNDERCAMERA. Telfair Museum of Art. Savannah, Georgia. USA. February 2017-March 2017
2014 MATERIAL WORLD. Loftoo Art Space. Shanghai. China. March 2014-April 2014
2014 WUNDERCAMERA. The Holden Gallery. Manchester. UK. March 2013-May 2014
2013 WUNDERCAMERA. PM Gallery and House. London. UK. November 2013-January 2014
2013 IRISH WAVE 2013. Festival of Visual Art. Beijing & Shanghai, China. March-April 2013
2013 'Legacy'. Fine Art College of Shanghai University. China. March-April 2013
2013 'A Tale of Two Cities'. Nouart Gallery. Bejing, China. March-April 2013
2013 'Baby, Baby'. Irish Centre Shanghai. Shanghai, China. March-April 2013
2011 '30 Skies at the Cross with Babe'. DUMBO Collective. Brooklyn, New York
2010 'Shop if You Can Look If You Want'. St Patrick's Festival. Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
2009 INFECTIOUS - Stay Away. Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Irish Contemporary Drawing. The 411 Galleries. Shanghai, China
2008 Nature Fragile. Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris
2008 30 Contemporary Collection. Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland
2007 Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2007 Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, Ireland
2006 ICP New York, 20 Years In. NYU/ICP.
2006 University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
2005 Harvard University, Boston, USA

2004 Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, Netherlands.
2004 Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
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2002 Nikolai Fine Art. NY. Retrospective 2002, USA
2000 Hudson River Museum, New York, NY

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1998 Art Exchange, Wall Street, New York, USA
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Arts Council of Ireland
National Museum of Ireland
Berlin Museum of Natural History, Germany
Bibliotheque National De Paris, France

Paris Audiovisuel Collection, France
Musee de la Photographie, Nice, France
Rudin Collection, New York, USA
Birmingham City University. U.K
Birmingham Billboard Project Collection. U.K

Dublin Community Photographic Archive
National Self-Portrait Collection, Limerick, Ireland

University of Limerick, Ireland
University of Michigan, USA
New York University, USA

Dublin City University. Ireland
Hudson River Museum, USA
Hubrecht Laboratory, Utrecht, Netherlands
Tornblad Institute, Lund, Sweden

2011 Morris Foundation Research Award. USA.
2009 Visual Arts Bursary. Arts Council of Ireland.
2006 Visual Arts Bursary/Projects Award. Arts Council of Ireland.
2006 Travel & Mobility Award. Arts Council of Ireland
2005 Travel & Mobility Award. Arts Council of Ireland
2004 Wood Fellowship. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. USA.
2004 Professional Development Award. Arts Council of Ireland
2003 Arts Council of Ireland. Travel & Mobility Award.
2001 Arts Council Projects Award.
1998 Visual Arts Bursary. Arts Council of Ireland
1997 Visual Arts Bursary. The Scottish Arts Council.
1996 Visual Arts Bursary. Arts Council of Ireland.
1995 DHL Artlift Award, Dublin, Ireland.
1995 Arts Award. Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland.
1994 Professional Enhancement Grant. IIE, New York, NY.
1993 Fulbright Award. United States Embassy, Dublin, Ireland.
1991 Visual Arts Bursary. Arts Council of Ireland.
1989 Sunday Times Award. News International, London, UK.
1987 Cecil Beaton Vogue/Sothebys Award for Photography. UK.


1995 MFA. New York University, New York.
1978 MA Town/Urban Planning. University College Dublin, Ireland.
1975 B.Soc.Sc (Hons). University College Dublin, Ireland.










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